Established in 1984, the North Shore Railroad Company & Affiliates is comprised of six short line railroads across Central Pennsylvania:

Juniata Valley Railroad (JVRR)
Lycoming Valley Railroad (LVRR)
Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad (NBER)
North Shore Railroad (NSHR)
Shamokin Valley Railroad (SVRR)
Union County Industrial Railroad (UCIR)

JVRR, LVRR, NBER, NSHR, SVRR operate on tracks owned by the SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority. The UCIR has portions of track that are held by private parties as well as a portion that is owned by the Joint Rail Authority.

We provide quality rail service to a variety of businesses and industries located in Central Pennsylvania, running on 256.2 miles of track. The commodities we handle are as varied as the businesses themselves. Aggregates, coal, grain, and plastics are just a small sampling of the range of commodities that move in, out, and around Central PA on the rails.